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7Omai Air Compressor Lite 12V/11Ba/160psi (TP03)

  • Fast Inflating & 12V DC Outlet: 70mai Air Compressor has 25L/min inflation rate and works with 12V DC output. Pumps up 195/70R14 tire from 0-30PSI within 3 minutes.
  • Auto Cut-off & Pressure Pre-set: Safe operation with pressure pre-set and auto cut-off functions. Dynamically adjusts pressure with real-time sensor data.
  • Wide Compatibility: 2 adapted nozzles for multiple scenarios. Long nozzle for beach balls and floats, short nozzle for inflatable beds, and needle for balls.
  • Touch Screen with Built-in LED: Built-in LED touch screen for reading tire pressure and setting pre-set tire pressure, even in poor lighting conditions.
  • Small Size Design & Easy Stored: Mini-size of 6.5''x5.8''x2.1'' for easy storage.
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Brand 70mai
Product Name 70 mai Car Tire Inflatable Pump
Product model Midrive TP03 (Lite) / TP04 (Eco)
Product material Plastic
Working voltage DC 12V
Maximum working current 7A (Lite) / 6A (Eco)
Maximum inflation pressure 11bar (160psi) (Lite)
Product size 164 * 148 * 54mm (Lite) / 150 * 120 * 44mm (Eco)
Storage temperature -30 ℃ ~ 80 ℃
Working temperature -20℃℃~70℃
Executive standard Q / 021XTP-2019


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