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Circle Joy Stainless Steel Ice Bucket

  • [ Round Shape Design ] -- Classic round shape,fashion and beautiful, 304 food grade stainless steel, durable
  • [ Stainless Steel Double-layer Insulated Ice Bucket ] -- An insulated ice bucket without ice cubes
  • [ Long-lasting Icy Experience ] -- The round ice insulation ice bucket does not need to be added with ice cubes, which can effectively make the inner and outer temperature of the ice bucket
  • [ No Ice Insulation, Clean And Convenient ] -- Simple and convenient, just use frozen w ine or juice drink before use.
  • [ Mini Size , One Hand Can Hold ] -- Put it directly in, it will not produce too many water droplets, clean and convenient practical.
  • [ Efficient & Continuous Insulation ] -- Conductive insulation, efficient and continuous insulation. Since no ice cubes are needed, the application
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Brand Youpin Circle Joy
Product name Circle Joy stainless steel double ice bucket
Color silver
Product model CJ-BT01
Leadership standard Q/KLT 21-2018
Product material 304 stainless steel
Size 120*195mm (Note There may be a slight variation due to manual measurement and the size of the target scale.)


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