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Deerma DX1000W Vacuum Cleaner

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Deerma DX1000W filter Deerma DX1000W Filter

The Deerma DX1000W upright vacuum cleaner, which is convenient to use, provides a suction power of up to 16,000 Pa, thanks to which it removes dirt quickly. The 3 replaceable brushes in the set allow you to thoroughly clean every corner, and the 3-stage filtration effectively removes dirt. The device also impresses with its elegant, artistic design.

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Deerma DX1000W Corded vacuum cleaner

The vacuum cleaner is equipped with a high-quality motor that operates at a speed of up to 38,000 rpm. Simply turn on the DX1000W and it will immediately begin to effectively remove dirt. The straight air channel is also responsible for the exceptional efficiency of the device. All this means that the vacuum cleaner quickly copes with dust, crumbs and other debris, without neglecting the crevices of the floor.



The perfect floor brush

The 240 mm wide floor brush covers most of the floor, making vacuuming much easier. It rotates 120 ° to the right and left, and 90 ° back and forth. Thanks to this, you can comfortably clean under furniture or between the legs of chairs and tables. Nothing is hidden from you - soon all the floors in your home can shine clean.



With 3 heads

The set includes a flat crevice brush and a small brush for cleaning smaller surfaces. Using the first one, you can easily vacuum the recesses of armchairs, sofas and sofas. The second can be used effectively during thorough cleaning. Allows you to clean delicate or uneven surfaces, such as laptop keyboards.



Effective filtering of pollutants

Say goodbye to dirt for good. The internal cyclonic system effectively captures larger impurities. The three-stage filter system with a HEPA filter blocks even the finest dust particles. In addition, all three elements can be easily disassembled, washed under running water, then dried and reused. This way you can avoid clogging and extend its life


Easy emptying of the spacious dust collection container

You no longer have to use dirty hands to empty the dust container. For the DX1000W, you just need to unscrew it and simply pour the dirt inside into the bin. You can then clean and dry the container to keep it in good condition for longer and to ensure hygienic use. The volume of the tank is 0.6 liters, so you don't have to empty it very often.



Vacuum with ease

The 130° curved handle of the vacuum cleaner provides unparalleled comfort. It allows the hands to be relieved and enables thorough cleaning without much effort. Plus, it's designed to give you a firm and comfortable grip, no matter what angle you hold it at. Move the vacuum cleaner freely, lift it or transport it between rooms - it doesn't have to be tiring!



It can be used in many ways

What makes the DX1000W ideal for various applications? Its multifunctionality and versatility! You can easily lift it to shelves or to the ceiling. It also works as a smaller handheld vacuum cleaner. You can even reach hard-to-reach corners with the replaceable brushes. The long 5 meter cable gives you freedom to vacuum.



Outstanding design

The Deerma DX1000W vacuum cleaner is not only functional, but also an extremely stylish addition to your home. The device attracts attention with its elegant, classic design. The rose gold colored details harmonize perfectly with the beautiful sapphire shade of the house.


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Manufacturer Deerma
Model DX1000W
Dust storage Without dust bag
Vacuum cleaner type Standing vacuum cleaner
Power source Wired
Motor power 600 W
Dust container capacity 0.6 liters
Saturation display None


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