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Deerma FD10W Adjustable Standing Fan (60W)

  • Powerful Airflow: 7 blades for strong air circulation.

  • Versatile Speeds & Heights: 3 speeds, 3 adjustable heights.

  • Auto Rotation & Tilt: Automatically rotates and tilts.

  • Beat the Heat: Ideal for hot summer days, quickly cools the air.

  • Bionic Blade Design: Provides efficient airflow and coolness.

  • User-Friendly Controls: Easy-to-use buttons and a dial for settings.

  • Wide Air Coverage: Rotates 80-90°, covers the entire room.

  • Compact & Lightweight: Easy to store and move around.

  • Perfect for All Ages: Suitable for children and the elderly.

  • Adaptable Placement: Works as a standing or table fan, fits any room.

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Deerma FD10W fan

Tired of the oppressive heat? Then the Deerma FD10W fan will be the perfect choice! It is equipped with 7 blades that guarantee a strong air flow. You can choose between three speeds and three heights, and it also automatically rotates left and right, and tilts forward and backward. It is very easy to use and does not take up much space, so storing it will not cause any problems.

Beat the heat!

Get ready for the hot summer days! The FD10W quickly cools the air and provides pleasant weather in the room. Its 7 blades, which are inspired by bionics, provide great airflow and pleasant coolness. You no longer have to worry about it being unbearably hot in your home!

Three speed levels

With the three available speed levels, the fan will be perfect for anyone's home and will meet even the most diverse needs! It will be a good choice for both children and the elderly. The first level provides a soft breeze, the second provides a refreshing, pleasant coolness, and the third level provides a strong gust of wind, which can cool you down quickly.

It rotates automatically

Make sure the fan's cool breeze reaches every corner of your room! The device automatically rotates to the right and left by 80-90°, and it can also be tilted forward and backward by 15°. Set it so that it cools the air everywhere in the same way and forget about the heat!

Three adjustable heights

The fan has three height settings: you can easily use it as a standing or table fan, and you can adjust it to any height in between. In addition, the device is very light, so it will not cause any problems to move it, nor will it take up too much space. It will be a perfect addition to the living room, bedroom or even the kitchen!

User friendly

Operating the fan is extremely easy! You can use the button to turn the automatic rotation on or off, and the special dial to change the speed level. Both the button and the dial are located on the top of the fan and you don't have to bend down to access it, so even small children can easily access it.

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Brand Deerma (Xiaomi Eco Branch)
Name Electric fan
Model DEM-FD10W
Power 60W
Voltage 220-240V~
Frequency 50Hz
Material PP, HIPS
Size 44.5x41x134cm


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