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Deerma VC20 Pro cordless stick vacuum cleaner

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Deerma VC20 Plus/VC20 Pro Filter Deerma VC20 Plus/VC20 Pro Filter
  • Strong suction power: The Deerma VC20 Pro vacuum cleaner has a strong suction power that effectively removes dirt and dust from floors and carpets.
  • Light and compact: The Deerma VC20 Pro vacuum cleaner is light and compact, making it easy to move around different rooms and store when not needed.
  • Long battery life: The battery of the Deerma VC20 Pro vacuum cleaner ensures a long life, so it can be used for up to 45 minutes on a single charge.
  • Effective filter system: The Deerma VC20 Pro vacuum cleaner's effective filter system helps remove fine dust and allergens, thus improving the air quality at home.
  • Flexible use: The Deerma VC20 Pro vacuum cleaner has various accessories that allow flexible use for cleaning floors, furniture and higher places.
  • Quiet operation: The Deerma VC20 Pro vacuum cleaner works quietly, so it does not disturb the peace of the family.
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Deerma VC20Pro 2 in 1 vacuum cleaner and mop

Keeping the floor clean has never been so easy! With the Deerma VC20Pro wireless device, you can not only vacuum, but also wash dishes! Its brushless motor provides unparalleled performance. With its suction power of 17,000 Pa, it does not leave a single piece of dirt behind! You can also use the device as a handheld vacuum cleaner, and with the replaceable heads, you can thoroughly clean every corner.

Vacuuming and mopping at the same time

All you need is the VC20Pro to thoroughly clean your home! With the help of the device, you can vacuum and wash dishes, or you can even do all of them at the same time, which saves you a lot of time and energy!

Bacteria-free environment

The water tank is 400 ml, which is enough to clean a smaller or even a larger apartment! The fiber mop absorbs water perfectly and ensures even cleaning. You can also add disinfectant liquid to the water, which can easily get rid of bacteria.

A reliable partner in cleaning

The device is equipped with a powerful, new-generation motor, which makes it 60% more powerful than the previous model and has a suction power of 110%. Thanks to this and the straight suction pipe, the VC20Pro effectively removes dust, crumbs and hair.

Perfectly designed brush

The electric floor cleaning brush rotates 180° and bends 90°, so you can thoroughly clean every corner with it. It is equipped with fine bristles, so it can easily handle even the most stubborn dirt. The brush head is designed in such a way that the hairs cannot wind up on it, so you no longer have to bother trying to get them out.

Additional brush heads for thorough cleaning

The set also includes two other brush heads. The narrow 2-in-1 brush head makes it easy to clean tight spaces, such as sofa or chair recesses, or uneven surfaces such as laptop keyboards. The small, triangular brush is suitable for cleaning various furniture and materials, such as armchairs, beds or tablecloths.

Long operating time

The VC20Pro can operate for 50 minutes after a single charge, so you can use it to thoroughly clean the entire apartment. Thanks to the modern BMS battery management system, the battery lasts longer and ensures adequate performance.

Brilliant purity

Make your home sparkling clean with Deerma's vacuum cleaner! The HEPA filter filters out even the smallest particles of dust and the dirt goes into the 0.6 liter container, which is very easy to empty! Just remove the container and empty the contents into the bin. You can also wash the filter elements and the dust container with water.

Designed for comfort

The VC20Pro is very light, so you can easily lift it and clean higher shelves or corners of the ceiling with it. Even the cable will not disturb you, as the device is designed wirelessly! You don't even have to bend down to remove the water tank: just press the button with your foot! In addition, you can easily use the device as a manual vacuum cleaner!

Elegant design

The VC20Pro has an impressive, modern design. The combination of black and dark blue colors and red gold parts make the device elegant. The unique design of the vacuum cleaner was noticed at the Red Dot Design Award and the K-Design Award!

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Brand Deerma (Xiaomi Eco Branch)
Name Cordless vacuum cleaner
Model VC20 Pro
Power 220W
Battery 2500mAh
Suction power 17 kPa
Dust container capacity 0.6l
Weight 2.3kg
Charging time About 3 hours
Noise level 84dB (A)
Material ABS/PC
Size 240x210x1180mm
Water tank capacity 400ml


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