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Kingsmith WalkingPad MC21

  • Foldable and ergonomic: With Kingsmith's patented folding system, folding the MC21 is so quick and easy that you can do it with a single foot. In addition, this model has an axis angled 80° towards the horizon, which allows for a more intuitive reading from the LED panel and better adapts to the running posture of the human body.
  • Two built-in displays: Thanks to the two LED displays, one on the top and one on the bottom, it is very convenient to monitor exercise data when doing sport. The LED display on the top of the motor allows you to select between Aandampmodes and manage on/off. The LED display on the handrail gives you a direct reading of your workout data.
  • Two training modes: This treadmill offers two different ways of doing sport: automatically or manually. The automatic mode reaches up to 6 km/h, while the manual mode will allow you to reach up to 10 km/h. Choose the mode that suits you best and give your sports routines a go!
  • Integrated NFC technology: Thanks to its NFC technology, transferring your workout data from the treadmill to your smartphone has never been easier. Bring your device close and in a few seconds you will have all your session data on the screen of your smartphone - the most practical and innovative way to keep track of your workout!
  • Multiple layers for better exercise: This treadmill is made up of a multi-layer system consisting of 5 key elements. With anti-slip and wear-resistant treadmill belt, cushioning effect layer, strong and lightweight aluminium frames, high density fibre layer and outer casing. Everything you need for a powerful and quiet workout.
  • Connected to its app: With the Walkingpad MC21 you have all your workouts and routines at your fingertips. Download the Kingsmith App and sync it with the treadmill to have all your progress at a glance - you're in control! Also compatible with Zwift and Kinomap.
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Brand Kingsmith
Weight 37,5 kg
Dimensions 102 x 70 x 15 cm
Color Black
Power 220-240V
Connectivity Bluetooth + NFC
Power 1.25HP
Shape Premium
Display 1,7" touch LED screen
Maximum weight supported 110 kg
Noise Silent
Storage Foldable
Unfolded dimensions 145 x 70 x 107 cm
Speed range 0,5-10 km/h
Surface trodden 120 x 44 cm


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