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Lydsto Desktop Circulation Fan

  • Wide-angle air supply, the wind distance is as far as 8 meters, and the wind distance of ordinary fans is only 3 meters.
  • Three levels of wind power from soft wind to strong wind.
  • Wide-angle air supply accelerates fresh air circulation, 3D surround air supply, multi-angle air supply, and quickly circulates indoor air.
  • 1-6 hours optional timing, no need to manually shut down.
  • Low-noise design, the operating noise is controlled at about 40dB, and work and study will not be disturbed.
  • The difference between the plug-in model and the rechargeable model: the plug-in model has no battery and cannot shake the head left and right, while the rechargeable model has a 2000mah battery and can shake the head at 120°.
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Lydsto Desktop Circulation Fan Portable Desktop Fan

The Lydsto V1 Portable Circulation Fan is an efficient tool for convenient delivery of fresh air. The wide angle air delivery allows you to create an effect up to 8 meters away, so the cooling effect will be felt throughout the room. Other conventional fans are usually only effective up to a distance of 3 metres.

Three levels of airflow

The unit offers three different levels of wind energy, so everyone can find the level that suits them. With options ranging from a gentle breeze to a strong gust of wind, you can choose the level of comfort that's right for you.

Lydsto Desk Fan Rechargeable Electric Fan Portable 3 speed Mini Electric Fan  | Lazada PH

Increased Airflow

Experience accelerated fresh air circulation with the Lydsto Portable Desktop Fan. Both the wide-angle air delivery and the 3D circular delivery function contribute to a healthier environment. The multi-angle airflow circulates air quickly and efficiently throughout the room.

Optional Timing

Optional timer settings allow you to set the fan for 1-6 hours so you don't have to manually turn it off. After the set time has elapsed, the fan will automatically switch off, so you can enjoy fresh air without worrying about unnecessary energy consumption.

Low noise level

The low noise level of the fan ensures that neither your work nor your studying will be disturbed. The operating noise level is kept below about 40 dB, so you can enjoy the benefits of the fan in a calm and quiet environment.


Brand Lydsto
Number of blades 3
Blade material Plastic
Power consumption (in Watt) 80
Fan Features Oscillating


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