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Lydsto G1 Gyroscope Navigation Vacuum robot - Black

  • 3300pa suction power
  • suction speed up to 13.3 L/s
  • Large battery capacity 2600mAh
  • Application control
  • Mi Home Application
  • Second edition
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3300pa suction power

Collecting the finest debris and hair
Let's look at the great performance of the "Hurricane".
and strong suction power
Collecting dust and debris in the dust bag

Strong and clean vacuum

From a powerful engine
Rotational speed of Japanese Nidec
DC motor up to 17000 rpm
Powerful hurricane vacuum suction speed up to 13.3 L / s

On-demand four levels of suction power


Clean up dust and hair
Quiet and durable operation


Suck up paper scraps
sunflower seed husk etc.
Satisfying daily cleaning


Pick up dirt the size of a soybean
Suitable for powerful cleaning


Clean for impurities the size of steel balls
Suitable for deep cleaning

Multifunctional, but simple

Compact size is more
for opportunity
Compact and thin design, only 7cm high
Cleans hidden dirt in your home

Up to 120 minutes of operation

Large battery capacity up to 2600mAh
30m2 - up to 180m2

3 levels of electric
control water tank

The intelligent electrically controlled water tank alerts you when there is not enough water. The selection of three levels of water flow is different
for stains and floors. The default setting is the standard level

Little water flow
2.145 L/min
Central water flow
2,502 L/min
High water flow
3,753 L/min
Mop area: 150m2
Mop area: 120m2
Mop area: 90m2
* The above data, based on a simple and accessible environment, is for informational purposes only...

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Functions Sweeping, vacuuming, mopping
Voltage 110-240V
Power 28W
Suction power 3300Pa
Rotation speed 50000rpm
Powder container capacity 200ml
Water tank capacity 250ml
Automatic separation Yes
Cleared area display Yes
Programming the areas to be cleaned Yes
Overcoming obstacles Yes (up to 20 mm)
Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 b/g/n, 2.4GHz
Weight 4.24 kg
Battery warranty 8 months


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