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Lydsto G1 Gyroscope Navigation Vacuum robot - White

  • 3300pa suction power
  • suction speed up to 13.3 L/s
  • Large battery capacity 2600mAh
  • Application control
  • Mi Home Application
  • Second edition
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Lydsto G1 robot vacuum cleaner

LYDSTO G1 is a low cost robot vacuum cleaner with high suction power, wet cleaning function and dynamic room map correction system. Reliable assistant on guard of cleanliness in your home!

Powerful brushless motor

Reliable brushless motor manufactured by the Japanese company Nidec develops a rotation speed of up to 17.000 rpm and creates a powerful air flow, reaching an impressive 13,3 liters per second!

High cleaning efficiency

Thanks to the brushless motor and the optimized design of the air channels, the suction force of the lydsto G1 in the maximum mode reaches 3300 steps, so the robot vacuum cleaner copes equally effectively with both large debris and the smallest dust, Pulling it out even from deep cracks in the joints of the laminate or parquet board-for this there are 4 cleaning modes with different levels of suction power and noise.

Compact sizes

The upper part of the robot vacuum cleaner is flat, without protruding elements, and its total height is only 7 centimeters. Due to its compact size, lydsto G1 is capable of cleaning under furniture, cleaning every corner of the room. Also the vacuum cleaner maneuvers quite easily between the legs of the tables and chairs.

Capacity Battery

A 2600-mAh battery is enough, on average, for 2 hours of battery life in the minimum mode-this is quite enough for daily maintenance of cleanliness in an apartment with an area of up to 120 square meters!

Wet cleaning function

Lydsto g1 comes with a removable 300 ml water container, to which a special microfiber cloth is attached on Velcro. The electronically controlled valve allows the water supply to be metered accurately, depending on the wet mode chosen, avoiding puddles on the floor. There are three wet cleaning modes: at the minimum mode, there is enough water for an area of about 90 m2, and at the maximum mode-about 150 m2.

Smart Navigation System

Thanks to a navigation system that includes a gyroscope, an accelerometer and various sensors, lydsto G1 makes a map of the room, calculating the optimal travel routes for quick and high-quality cleaning. After forming the map in the application, you can configure virtual walls and select certain rooms or zones that the robot vacuum cleaner should not visit. Also, for each room, you can adjust the required suction power mode and the degree of water supply for wet cleaning.

Continuation of work after battery charge

If the battery sits down in the process of work, the robot vacuum cleaner will automatically proceed to the docking station, and after replenishing the battery charge, it will resume cleaning exactly from the place where it interrupted it.

More features-in the mobile application!

Download the Mi Home or lydsto mobile app and you will see many new features: choosing suction power and wet cleaning modes for each room, working on a schedule, room maps, setting up virtual walls, service notifications and more!

Triple filtration system

For the purification of the outgoing air flow, lydsto G1 provides a triple filtration system, including a HEPA filter that traps the smallest dust particles and prevents secondary contamination of the room.

Automatic charging

After completing the cleaning, the robot vacuum cleaner will automatically go to the docking station to replenish the battery charge.

Drop protection

Using special sensors, lydsto G1 will identify areas that are dangerous for itself and will not fall from the steps.

Big wheels

Thanks to large wheels, the lydsto R1d easily overcomes thresholds and other obstacles up to 15mm high.

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Functions Sweeping, vacuuming, mopping
Voltage 110-240V
Power 28W
Suction power 3300Pa
Rotation speed 50000rpm
Powder container capacity 200ml
Water tank capacity 250ml
Automatic separation Yes
Cleared area display Yes
Programming the areas to be cleaned Yes
Overcoming obstacles Yes (up to 20 mm)
Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 b/g/n, 2.4GHz
Weight 4.24 kg
Battery warranty 8 months


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