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Lydsto H1 Wireless Vehicle-mounted Humidifier

  • "Imitate The Spring": The mist from the top of the humidifier resembles a water source.

  • "Bunch Of High Fog": Delivers mist to elevated areas, avoiding wetting the tabletop.

  • "2 Levels Of Fog":

    • Level 1: Continuous spraying for about 4 hours.
    • Level 2: Intermittent spraying for about 8 hours.
  • "Micron Mist": Delivers fine, moisturizing mist, keeping the skin hydrated.

  • "Smart Power Off": Automatically turns off to prevent dry burning in case of water shortage or power failure.

  • "400mL Large Capacity": Allows for long-lasting humidification with a single water fill.

  • "Mute Humidification": Operates with a low sound level of around 25dB, not disrupting work and rest.

  • "Colorful Atmosphere Light": Features a colorful gradient night light, with adjustable gradient lighting.

  • "Prevent Water Leakage": Equipped with a sealing ring to prevent water leakage in case of accidental tipping.

  • "Simple And Versatile": Can be easily stored away and serves as a decorative landscape when not in use.

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Brand Lydsto
Product Name Wireless Humidifier
Product Model YM-JSQH101
Product Size 76x76x165mm
Battery capacity 1000mAh
Water tank capacity 400mL
Rated current 1A
Rated voltage 5V


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