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Lydsto Handheld Vacuum Cleaner with Air inflator 2 in 1

  • 7000Pa suction powerful vacuum
  • 80000 RPM brushless motor, can quickly inflate cars, bicycles, balls
  • Super long use time, built-in 2 pieces of 2,500mAh batteries
  • 98% filtration effect, 304 stainless steel & HEPA dual filtration system
  • Intelligent tire pressure monitoring, LED touch screen
  • Universal Type-C interface for instant charging
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Lydsto Handheld Dust Collector And Air lnflator Useful for vehicles and household Dust collection combined with air inflation One machine for multiple purposes Suction up to 7KPa Air pressure up to 120PSI Handheld wireless machine ✪ Tire pressure detection   ✪ Pressure presetting   ✪ Two-level dust collection   ✪ High rotational speed   ✪ Compact and portable   ✪ Brushless motor   ✪ High-capacity battery   ✪ Touch button Lydsto handheld dust collector and air inflator  ✔Dust collection          ✔Air inflation          ✔Touch button          ✔Tire pressure detection  ✔Large digital display  Battery capacity: 2500 mAh     Charging interface: Type-C     Motor type: Brushless motor Handheld wireless dust collector Durable with high battery capacity Excellent inner structure and the ability to work with two 2,500mAh lithium batteries realizes wireless handheld dust collection without the need for a power cable to collect dust from every corner of your vehicle in a more convenient manner so as to keep your vehicle clean. Useful for household Able to collect dust from wherever you want Excellent nozzle design realizes easy dust collection from carpet/bed/sofa/table and corners hard to reach so as to keep your home clean. Double filtration system       Two-level dust collection Double filtration system. The 304 stainless steel primary filter is used to block large debris; the two-layer HEPA filter can effectively filter fine dust and prevent secondary pollution. It can be rinsed and recycled with clean water, saving consumables and making it more environmentally friendly. At the same time, it has two vacuum modes, low-end and high-end. The low-end white light is always on and can be used for about 30 minutes to meet the basic cleaning requirements; the high-end blue light is always on and can be used for about 15 minutes with greater suction power and deep cleansing.  *The data above are from Lydsto laboratory which may slightly differ from the data from practical use.  ✪Dust-2000Pa       ✪Hair-5000Pa       ✪Soybean-7000Pa The screen displays tire pressure  Stop when the preset tire pressure is full Tire pressure detection and adjustment are required regularly for safe driving.The product is capable of smart air inflation. In case of insufficient tire pressure, desired tire pressure can be preset and air inflation which automatically stops when the preset pressure is reached. 150PSI high pressure  Continuous air pumping without heating Inner radiator fan and vent hole significantly reduce temperature rise during air inflation to ensure rapid rotation of the motor. Unique cylinder design realizes high air flow of 10L/min and air pressure up to 150PSI. Two automotive tires can be fully inflated with full battery capacity.  *The data above are from Lydsto laboratory which may slightly differ from thedata from practical use. Not only useful for automotive tires But also for many other air inflation applications  The product is available to cars/motorcycles/bicycles/scooters as well as basketballs/footballs. It allows precise setting of desirable pressure for easy air inflation.  *The data above are from Lydsto laboratory which may slightly differ from thedata from practical use.  ✪Bicycle 6 times   ✪Scooter 15 times   ✪Balance car 15 times   ✪Basketball 60 times Smart LED screen  Start and stop with one touch button HB LED screen displays air pressure. Pressure unit cycles through KPa/PSI/Bar. The air pump can be easily started and stopped with one smart touch button.  *KPa represents kilopascal and is a pressure unit. PSI represents pound per square inch and is the value displayed on the pressure meter. Bar is short for Pascal which means 1 N pressure on 1 square meter and is a pressure unit. Common Type-Cinterface  Play-and-charge The product is available with a common Type-C interface compatible with the charging cables of most mobile phones and digital products on the market and can be charged in a car to achieve charging at any time and any place. Minimalist design Compact, portable and easy to store The product is compact, artistic and can be easily stored at any limited place. More considerate design of details  Integrated dust cup------Wastes easy to clean  CNC button------Quality and artistic  Integrated touch button------Astidious and durable Multiple rigorous tests To ensure product safety and durability  ✔Thermal shock     ✔Low temperature storage     ✔High temperature storage  ✔Free drop     ✔Vibration      ✔Dust collection function service life  ✔Air inflation function service life       ✔Power on/off tests

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