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Lydsto W2 Edge Self-Cleaning Dry-Wet Robot Vacuum Cleaner White

  • 1. 8500Pa super brushless motor, support a variety of vacuum suction automatic cleaning mode, bring a more powerful new experience.

  • 2. 6400mAh large battery capacity, low noise mode operation theoretical value up to support 260 minutes of battery life, even 300 flat big house, can be easily cleaned.

  • 3. Innovate 10mm wall bottom cleaning technology, so that the wall bottom does not leave a sanitary dead corner, and the whole house is more in place.

  • 4. Support 50℃ hot water cleaning mop, even if the kitchen oil makes the mop very dirty, it can be cleaned very clean as long as it goes to the cleaning base station, no need to manually disassemble manual cleaning, lazy people are super convenient.

  • 5. Support 60℃ hot air drying technology, mop cleaning, but also quickly dry it, otherwise after long-term use, it will be easy to breed bacteria and make the mop stink, so we take this into account, and add rapid drying function to improve the occurrence of the problem.

  • 6. The newly upgraded ultrasonic sensing carpet and automatic lift mop function, the addition of this function can effectively avoid the wet mop caused by the carpet wet, easy to pass and better clean the carpet dust.

  • 7. Newly upgraded with silver ion and electrolytic water sterilization function, there is no need to add cleaning liquid again, and electrolytic water with sterilization effect will be automatically generated inside the machine, making the home environment more comfortable.

  • 8. Dust collection base station 30-day garbage free function, so that you completely free your hands, no longer worry about cleaning the robot's internal garbage. Fully automatic dust collection, you just need to sit and enjoy.

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