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Product Center: the fight for customer satisfaction

Welcome to the Techsend Product Center! Our range of products here has been carefully selected to offer our customers the best quality and competitive prices. We work with leading brands and our rigorous testing process ensures that all our products meet the highest standards. And our Experience Center and Product Evaluation Center provide a platform for interactive experiences and feedback sharing. Your satisfaction is our top priority, so we take every step to ensure that every customer is satisfied and can make the best decision about our technology products. Discover the Techsend experience and embark on an unforgettable shopping journey with us!

At Techsend, we are committed to providing the best products, which starts with a rigorous testing process by our experts. We work with renowned brands such as Xiaomi, Xgimi, Smartmi, Deerma, 70mai, Roidmi, Haylou, Ezviz, Imou, Imilab, Circle Joy, Joyami, Z-tech, Onemoon, Zhibai, Yunmai, Lydsto, QCY, Dreame, Kingsmith, Tosot by Gree, Midea, inFace, Pawbby and many more. All products undergo a thorough evaluation to meet our stringent quality standards. However, in addition to quality, we also ensure that the product is priced extremely competitively compared to similar offerings. In some cases, we even disassemble the products and calculate the cost of individual parts to ensure that our customers get the best value for money.

In order to provide transparency and help our customers make informed decisions, we encourage everyone to subscribe to our YouTube and TikTok accounts. Here you can view the full testing process and get a comprehensive overview of the product's performance. We believe that every customer should know exactly what they're spending their money on when it comes to technology.

Thanks to our Experience Center and Product Evaluation Center, our return rate is extremely low, less than 1%. By allowing customers to experience products before they buy or to get enough information about the product to make a decision, we stick to our slogan "It's best to try it yourself or we'll help you try it before you buy". This approach minimises the need for returns and repackaging, reducing energy waste and is in line with our objective of sustainable purchasing practices. We encourage all our customers to shop wisely, using the information sources available to make informed choices.

At Techsend, we strongly believe that "all our customers are our product managers". We value and analyse every customer's feedback and reviews so that we can continuously optimise and improve our products. Their feedback is extremely important to us. If you mention that "the handle of the scooter is a bit short", we take this into account and introduce a new generation with a longer handle. If you point out that "the adjustable desk is time consuming to install", we respond by pre-installing the legs in the original packaging. When you say "robots can't wash and collect dust independently", we pass on your feedback to the manufacturers and introduce the Lydsto W2 fully automatic self-cleaning robot. If you say that "most latrines are too small at 3.5L", there are now 5L, 6.5L and even 10L versions available. We need your voice!