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About us

We have renewed!

We are excited to introduce our revamped e-commerce platform, which now features five state-of-the-art centers that take the cost-effective shopping experience to new heights. With our Experience Center, Service Center, Product Center, Logistics Center, and Customer Center, our DNA is to "deliver amazing devices and shape the future" by enabling everyone to enjoy the coolest technology at an affordable price.​

Who are we?

Techsend is a premium e-commerce store based in Budapest, founded in 2019. Our partner stores can be found in Budapest and several Hungarian cities, and Techsend is also a national partner of several brands, such as Xiaomi, Smartmi, Deerma, Roidmi, Haylou Onemoon, Zhibai, Yunmai, Obsbot, Insta360, QCY, Dreame and others. Thousands of products in our warehouses come directly from manufacturers and official brand suppliers.

Our focus is on the distribution of high-quality, reasonably priced electronic products, and our main activity can be summed up in just a few words:

store experience, online shopping, warehouse delivery, within 5 working days.

We are an official partner of GLS, >99% of orders are delivered within 5 days, and from January this year, our Techsend same-day express service was launched in Budapest.

Our goal is that our Hungarian customers can get our great products as quickly as possible, at the most favorable price, so that they can then discover their passion for technology.

Our mission can also be read in our logo "Shipping Amazing Devices & Shaping the Future".

What do we provide?

For us, Techsend is not just an online store, but an innovative technology company, so we work with manufacturers that ensure the highest quality on an increasingly wide range of our own brand products.

A wide selection of products from Xiaomi, Smartmi, Deerma, Roidmi, Haylou Onemoon, Zhibai, Yunmai, Obsbot, Insta360, QCY, Dreame and other electronic brands, plus everything from a local warehouse, so they can be with you within 5 working days.

In addition, we are also active in B2B wholesale sales, we are suppliers to many top Hungarian online stores and market leaders.


Why choose us?

1. Because it is convenient:

  • Thousands of excellent products await your order in our local warehouses.
  • Our detailed product information makes it easy for you to choose.
  • Easy and fast shopping.
  • Many payment methods.
  • And in the case of Xiaomi and household appliances, discounted shipping costs (depending on weight and/or type).
  • The ordered products can arrive to you within 5 working days.
  • Many test videos have been made about our products, so you can take a close look at them even from home.

2. Because it is reliable:

  • We are partners with high-quality electronic product brands such as Xiaomi, Smartmi, Deerma, Roidmi, Haylou Onemoon, Zhibai, Yunmai, Obsbot, Insta360, QCY, Dreame and others.
  • We have an extensive product portfolio.
  • Providing user instructions and documentation in Hungarian.
  • Warranty and warranty repair.
  • Guaranteed low prices.

3. Because it is safe:

  • We are such a fast-growing e-commerce store that has already tested itself in several countries around the world, and was helped by various CS engineers.
  • Wherever we are, we always comply with the laws and pay close attention to technical, technical developments.
  • In addition to the 14-day right of withdrawal, we offer an official guarantee of 1-5 years for all electronic items over 25€.
  • If you are a fan of traditional shopping, you can even buy our products in person and/or pick them up in our showroom in Budapest, where you can try most of our products, so you will know for sure which product is the best choice. Our return rate is only 1%, so we save a lot of energy for the environment.
  • Our customer service is at your disposal at any time to answer any questions you may have by phone or email.

Come and take a look in our showroom!

Welcome to the Techsenders family!