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Techsend Electric Adjustable Lifting Desk EL1675 (159 x 60-75 cm) Black

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  • Electrically adjustable height gamer table
  • It is motorized
  • 80 kg load capacity
  • 159 x 60-75 cm table top
  • Pre-assembled table legs for quick assembly
  • Electrically adjustable height between 72-116 cm
  • Aluminum alloy table legs
  • Accessories: headphone holder, cup holder, table clips
  • Smart Height Note
  • Smart reminder when sitting too long
  • Gift black mouse pad with Techsend logo
  • 5 year warranty *​
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Techsend Electric Adjustable Desk EL1675

Electrically adjustable height desk

Does it bother you that you have to hunch over at your desk all day and don't use your legs for anything? Maybe you like to play on your computer, but you can't find a table of the right height? Have you ever thought about getting a standing desk, but don't know if you want to give up sitting altogether? We want to remedy these problems with the Techsend EL1675 electric desk. With the Techsend electric desk, it only depends on the push of a button whether you want to work or play while standing or sitting. There is no need to assemble, hit, drill or hammer - the motor built into the table easily raises the table to the desired level in just a few seconds.

Adjustable height between 72-116 cm

As many people, as many different body heights - we always keep this in mind. In addition to the sitting and standing position, you have the option of further adjusting the table according to your own height: you can set the height of the table top anywhere between 72 and 116 cm, making sure that you can work or play as comfortably as possible. The high-quality motor and lifting arm ensure stable and precise lifting.

Assembly in just 2 steps

If you don't like screwing for hours and spending a whole day over endless assembly instructions, then the Techsend EL1675 table is just for you. Thanks to its improved design, the table can be assembled in 2 steps in minutes. Despite this, its packaging is compact, easy to transport and can also be transported in a trunk.

LCD display, intelligent functions

The Techsend EL1675 electric table is equipped with an LCD display and smart functions: it remembers previously set heights so that they can be easily reset. In addition, it reminds you if you've been sitting at the table for too long and it's time to get up and move a little - keeping your health in mind.


High-quality, durable raw materials, 80 kg load capacity

When making the desk, we used light but durable and good load-bearing materials (aluminum alloy, ABS, cold-rolled steel) and performed 10,000 stability tests, so the table is guaranteed to be stable and long-lasting. It can hold up to 80 kg.

The ingenious design enables easy assembly

A traditional table top is large and heavy, so the assembly process is time-consuming and labor-intensive. The Techsend EL1675 electric table uses two interlocking table tops that can be easily assembled or disassembled by one person in 10 minutes. This split design also reduces the size of the package for easy transport, while the included large mouse pad perfectly covers the small gaps of the collapsible table top for an aesthetic appearance. The following video tutorial shows how easy it is to assemble. Watch video

Impact-resistant, guaranteed unbreakable packaging

We paid great attention to ensure that the electric table can be transported easily and safely, so that if you deliver it with a courier service or if you just put it in your own car, it will not be damaged, and due to the practical size of the packaging, you do not even need to rent a separate van to move it. And it can be easily and simply assembled at home. The packaging is made of double-layer, environmentally friendly corrugated paper.

Gift accessories


+ Black mouse pad + Techsend sticker that can be stuck on the table leg


Why choose a standing desk?

A sedentary lifestyle is characteristic of all age groups. Adult people, if they do office work, sit at a desk for at least 8 hours a day. And the children sit at the school desk during the day and at home at night. Sitting all day can lead to several health problems such as back pain, obesity, fatigue, forgetfulness, vision problems, and more.


What is the solution to this? We cannot do that by not going to work or by not sending our children to school. But why shouldn't we get up while doing our daily tasks in front of the desk? If we spent at least a few hours standing out of the 8 hours a day, it would significantly reduce the health risks caused by a sedentary lifestyle. With Techsend electric height-adjustable desks, you can change sitting and standing even during the day, and the desk will remind you if you have been sitting for too long. Just one push of a button and you can straighten your spine!

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Manufacturer Techsend
Model EL1675
Purpose electric desk (for office/home use)
colour Black
Material P2PB, Aluminum alloy, ABS engineering plastic, cold rolled steel
Dimensions 159 x 60-75 x 72-116 cm
Product weight 24 kg
Package weight 28 kg
Outer packaging (box) size 117 * 83 * 11.5 cm
Warranty 5 years


1 rating
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| 5 out of 5 Stars!
Perfect size for my little office, the installation process was quite easy, the manual was pretty straightforward and they also have some video materials to use. The table itself is sturdy, and the quality seems perfect. The shipping process only took 3 days to Germany! I'm impressed!