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Deerma ZQ990W 2in1 vacuum cleaner and steam mop, white

The Deerma ZQ990W vacuum cleaner and steam mop is a practical device that works as a vacuum cleaner and steam mop at the same time. It is convenient to use and safe for health - it does not require chemicals. The 1300W power ensures the high efficiency of the device, and several operating modes allow you to adjust its operation according to your needs.
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Deerma ZQ990W 2 in 1 vacuum cleaner and steam mop

Deerma ZQ990W is a practical device that works as a vacuum cleaner and a steam mop at the same time! It is convenient to use and is not harmful to health, as no chemicals are required for its use. The 1300 W motor ensures efficient operation of the device. You can easily customize the vacuum cleaner to your needs by using several types of different functions.

You can save time and energy with it

You can save a lot of time with the device, as you can vacuum and wash dishes with it at the same time! Steam at 100°C (or higher) thoroughly cleans the floor without the need to use any chemicals. So you can easily remove even the most stubborn dirt! With the ZQ990W, you can also clean tiles, marble and wooden floors!

Convenient use

You can use the device very simply and conveniently! Fill the 380 ml water tank, then turn on the device and select the cleaning function you like on the panel on the handle. You don't even have to bend down to remove the mop head, just press the head in the right place with your foot.

With the power of steam

Thanks to its 1300 W power, the device generates hot steam from the water in seconds, which thoroughly cleans all surfaces. You can even adjust the amount of steam coming out with the device!

Efficient filter system

Thanks to the 4-layer cyclone filter and the double-drive copper motor, the device stands out with its strong suction power and stable, reliable performance. The HEPA filter also filters out dust and dust mites, making it an ideal choice for allergy sufferers. In addition, the stainless mesh filters out hair and larger debris and prevents the vacuum cleaner from clogging.

Perfect design

The 3-layer, microfiber mopping head absorbs water properly and cleans hard-to-reach places thoroughly, and due to its triangular design, you can easily reach corners with it. The mop can also be easily disassembled and cleaned.

Various cleaning functions

You can choose from 4 cleaning functions on the device: vacuuming, steaming and mopping, steaming and mopping at the same time, vacuuming and mopping. The device can handle everything: oil stains, spilled drinks, crumbs, hair or dust.

Clean without fatigue

Thanks to the ergonomic design, the device is very comfortable to use. With Deerma, you'll see that cleaning doesn't have to be strenuous! The specially designed handle fits perfectly in the hand and is very pleasant to use.

Nice design

The device is made of ABS plastic, which is easy to clean. The vacuum cleaner has a built-in hanger on which you can wind the cable and prevent it from getting tangled. And emptying the dust container is very easy, you only need to press a button!

Contents of the box

  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Mop head
  • Mop head insert
  • Handle
  • User manual

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Brand Deerma
Name Deerma ZQ990W steam cleaner
Rated voltage 220-240V ~ 50-60Hz
Water tank capacity 380ml
Noise level ≤90dB
Material ABS + PP + PC
Nominal power 1300W (steaming), 550W (vacuum extraction)
Suction power ≥10kPa
Dust container capacity 1.2 l
Dimensions 300x237x1157mm


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