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Warranty and Service For Costumers

We offer a 1-5 year factory warranty for the electronic products sold on Techsend, depending on the value limit!*

Warranty period:

a) 1 year in the case of a sale price of 25€ but not exceeding 255€,

b) 2 years in the case of a sale price exceeding 255€ but not exceeding 645€,

c) 3 years above the sale price of 645€.

The warranty does not apply to the normal wear and tear of wear and tear parts (e.g. lighting fixtures, battery capacity, tires, protective and covering materials), however, this does not affect the warranty obligation in the event that the wear and tear parts are "defective" as defined in civil law.

If the product you bought on Techsend fails, the defect meets the warranty conditions, and it occurs within the warranty period, contact to start the service procedure and fill out the service notification form!

Our service address: 1107. Budapest Száva utca 9/A Hungary

1. If the submitted product works in accordance with the manufacturer's description/the defect is not of warranty origin, our service will charge a labor fee of 25€ for the conducted test, we can hand over the product to the sender after the test fee has been reimbursed. 

2. In any case, the submitted articles must be cleaned before handing them over to the courier service. Our service can only examine/repair dirty, contaminated devices after cleaning, the cleaning fee is 5€, which can be paid upon receipt of the product by cash/bank card/transfer.

3. The invoice and the service notification form must be placed in the submitted package, if you deliver the product to us personally, we will also provide the opportunity to fill out the documents on site.

4. If the submitted product works according to the manufacturer's description/the defect is not of warranty origin, the cost of return shipping (both ways) will be borne by the sender.

Download the service form HERE

You can read about the warranty conditions in detail in the GTC, which is available HERE

Warranty and Service For B2B

For basic machines:
As per the guarantee voucher officially supplied with the Product by the manufacturer from time to time.
For accessories:
As per the information available on the Product unless the manufacturer’s instructions provide otherwise.
For software:
Buyer shall always remind its customers in advance to check the integrity and availability of the software medium in their own interest before purchasing the Product. Supplier will not accept complaints from Buyer or the customers about damage to the software medium after the Product has been purchased by the customer.
Supplier offers warranty coverage for the Products purchased in retail stores for the statutory period of time. In the event of a customer complaint, Buyer shall be responsible for checking the physical condition and proper use of the software. If no signs of physical damage are visible on the Product and it cannot be determined on site whether the quality complaint is justified or not, Buyer may accept the Product from the customer for quality testing and ask Supplier to perform the test. In such cases, it shall be Buyer’s responsibility to send the Product for testing to Supplier at its own expense. Supplier shall provide information within 3 business weeks about the findings of the software test and the need for any action. 

For B2B, except for consumables such as lithium batteries, the standard warranty is 1-2 years. We provide a 5-year warranty for our Techsend brand electric lifting tables.

For more information request the draft contract by email:


Exclusion of warranty

The warranty is void:

If the malfunction is caused by improper use, modification, improper handling (e.g. improper software update), improper storage, breakage, elemental damage, or other reasons independent of the product.

In the event of failure resulting from non-compliance with the instructions for use or from use other than that.

A service not included in the user manual of our products, the absence of a parameter not listed among the technical parameters, its unsuitability for an unmentioned task, or related customer dissatisfaction are not covered by the warranty obligations.

In case of loss of the original invoice confirming the purchase. (Crumpled, torn, stained invoices will be replaced upon request.)

Without product manufacturing ID (S/N code)

For other questions, feel free to contact our customer service by email at

*Our warranty and guarantee conditions can be read in the General Terms and Conditions, the contents of which should be considered as guiding information.